Steel Doors

Our custom made entry door systems are manufactured in Canada with the use of genuine superior quality components and proud craftsmanship.
Heavy duty high definition 24 gauge galvanized steel insulated panels will provide you energy efficiency, comfort, noise reduction, and maximum security. Our door systems are elegant, maintenance free, and built to last a lifetime.
We carry a full line of Steel Entry Doors, Executive Doors, and Garden Door Systems in unlimited selection of Premium Colours. Energy Efficient Performance Glass, Wrought Iron, Mini Blinds, Venting Units, Decorative Stained and Beveled Glass, in a variety of patterns, Internal Grills, with your choice of Clear or Privacy Glass.
Door Configurations & Stained Glass
A&G offers a wide selection of steel entry doors and glass inserts. Steel doors are recognized for superior security benefits, including their insulation factor. These doors can be painted to coordinate with your home color schemes. Our steel doors come in a wide variety of panel designs and glass options and are available in both steel edge and wood edge construction.
Executive Panel Doors
The executive panels provide the look and beauty of classic wood to your steel entry door. This panel can be installed as is, or can be combined with a door glass, to give your entry door a beautiful and unique appearance. As in steel doors, the executive panels can be painted any color.
Wrought Iron
This collection includes the combination of artistic iron and glass. Handmade one piece at a time; each item is truly inspirational and demonstrates an appreciation for old world art!
Garden Doors
Our swinging garden doors will add elegance and beauty to your deck or patio entrance, also enhancing the appearance and value of your home. All our Garden Door Systems are available as center-hinged (with one door operating), or as side-hinged (with one or both doors operating), for maximum venting.